And a happy 31st birthday to me

I skipped a month of blogging 😬

My actual birth date was a great day of wandering around and hanging out with my husband which is honestly my favorite thing to do.

He took me shopping for a new outfit at Boot Barn, one of my heavens on Earth, out for wine at my favorite ocean spot, a walk along the harbor in Dana Point and then dinner at the Whitestone restaurant. Lemme tell you… that food is incredible. Seriously incredible.

The whole month has been a fun time in all honesty except for when I threw my neck out. That cramped my style quite a bit.

Oh and also when I went to a birthday party and bruised my whole crotch mechanical bull riding 😂 Never fun to have to be on ice for a whole day 😅

Then my family came for our usual belated Christmas and instead of hosting it this year we met up in a hotel in San Diego to try something new. We went out for a nice brunch, wandered the Safari Park, did the trolly ride tour and got to see the Japanese Friendship Garden down there. It worked out wonderfully and we got to experience some new things while creating our memories.

Honestly I’m thankful for the break I took on accidental purpose this month. It gave me some great time to get a number of things done I hadn’t even begun to think about.

…. On to the next adventure!

Living. Loving. Growing.

Emily A G

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