Chicken Update Feb 2022

Well… we got 4 more. Oh and it wasn’t on purpose!

Again, we where called upon to take in some birds who needed to be rehomed. One of our dear neighbors passed away and we were honored to be asked.

For reference the first 4 photos are the birds we already had. In order of when we got them.

Chickadee or “Sweet D” to Hubs

Our new birds, we got two golden ones and my mind kept drifting off to Goldie Hawn every time I looked at them. So their names are Olly for Oliver and Kathleen for Kate. I don’t know why but I just kept getting a kick out of naming a chicken Kathleen. 😂


Then there’s Bertha. Her name came to me the moment I locked eyes with her. She’s a sweet giant jersey chicken that is alllll about the slow blink.


And last but certainly not least, because I think she’s my favorite now, is Babe. For one she’s a pig. She’ll eat everything and the moment I come in with food she is swiftly under foot. So much so that I find myself talking to her like a partner that is in the way, “Okay Babe. Move over Babe. Wait. Hold on Babe.” Also, she’s the only one who will basically jump into your arms. She’s happy to be held and loves cuddles. It’s cute, but makes it difficult to clean the coops sometimes when she thinks your lap is apart of her play ground. 😅


At the moment we are at MAX capacity for our two coops. The Hubs is now looking into plans for one bigger coop to house them all together. At the moment they are separated and it makes cleaning days more work then I am used to. I’m hopeful it’ll be made and ready by summer 🤞🏻

Till next time.

Living. Loving. Bird watching.

Emily A G 🐔

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