Our Valentine’s/ Anniversary Week 2022

One of my favorite weeks of the whole year!

I’m very lucky to have it all in a 4 day span. This year we minimized Valentine’s Day and are going to put the focus on our anniversary Friday.

This Valentines Day we decided to do no flowers or cards and what not, but do a fun new meal at home.

I didddddd however pick up some of my own flowers from the grocery store while I was out. Worked into a wonderful blessing to be honest! I only ordered 2 packs of 3 red roses but somehow got an “order substitution” and got 18 extra roses!!

For Christmas we got a Big Green Egg Smoker and finally got to break it out for our special dinner. We made just your basic salt and pepper rub tri tip and it turned out wonderfully!

I’m sorry but there has to be a video of it getting started… it was pretty cool being able to use the wood chips from our own trees to get the fire going

Lighting up

As I mentioned before dinner was fun and simple. He made the meat and I took care of the sides. I *think* I have created a new and improved loaded mashed potato recipe by the way… I’ll share that later 😉

Our anniversary will consist of a wander down by the beach towns. First stop will be Laguna for a quick snack at the French bakery I found called MOULIN and lunch at 230 Forest Avenue. Then there will be a loonnggg walk, to work off lunch, looking around at all of the shops I have been dying to go into but we always drive by way too quickly for me to jump out of the car.

Ending our evening will be back down to Dana Point for our membership bottle of wine and tasting at our favorite spot Frisby’s Wine Cellar.

And of course, probably a stop off at our home away from home Cook’s Corner for our final night cap.

This year our gifts to each other are leather items, because I got mixed up in the years and for 5 years it’s leather for us 😅

I think I switched it with wood 😛

So till next week…

Living. Loving. Eating and Drinking.

Emily A G❤️

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