Garden Update Feb 2022

The garden has had some change ups in the past two months. For one the potatoes got moved fully to make room for our new smoker shack… 😍

Our Peas are going bananas still and I’m thankful to be getting a full crop out of them soon! I have been so ready to eat these in a meal but only getting ones and twos ready at a time. They did however get a little burnt by up from the heatwave a week or so ago, still recovering.

The Cabbage is coming in strong and happy which I’m extremely thankful for as well as concerned because holy moly this will be possibly too much cabbage to handle at a time. 😅 Also something started growing in the container for them and for some reason… I wanted to keep it. If you know what it is- please lemme know.

Our Brussels Sprouts sadly had been munched by aphids and the lady bugs did barely any work to help us. I went and bought a large container from the garden store and it seems they had other places to go instead of staying near my Brussels sprouts.

I started a seed of Yellow Mini Tomatoes a few months ago and so far this is what I got. I’m very happy so far to be honest.

Our Green Onions are happy and healthy. I swear this is what I use the most from my garden on any given day. I love a plant that I can just harvest and use right away.

Carrots!! I probably have about 12 that took so I can’t wait to see what they do in comparison to last year.

The Lettuces are doing great and I realllllly need to trim them into salads, before they go to flower 😅

Seed starts: I have started hot peppers, loofah gourd and artichoke. Butttt the birds (that’s my guess) got into them and so I tried to fix it them the best I could, I don’t know if it worked but we shall see soon enough.

The Pomegranate Tree is officially covered in its new growth for the year.

The Mini Potatoes all got moved around, like I said earlier, and are thriving! This winter they got water logged and all rotted and died. Now I have tried a new method I found on Pinterest- using old cat liter boxes! What? Yes you heard me! Old liter boxes- I hammered holes into the bottom and filled them partially with dirt and then potato chunks and more dirt. And they are rocking it.

So to end this post I’m very happy so far with the results of things and I’m thankful my plants are getting the extra chill and rain right now for the end of winter and I can’t wait to see what Spring brings for my fruit trees who haven’t budded out yet.

Living. Loving. Gardening.

Emily A G👩🏻‍🌾

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