Spring/March Inspiration Post

It’s been a quick minute since I’ve done one of these so I figured the best way to make sure they become more steady and routine is to put them into season blocks. Welcome Spring! Welcome St Patricks Day 🍀 and Easter🌷!

I’ve been leaning into my lighter wood tones and heavy greens along with pastels and dark neutral colors, so basically my everyday with pastels and some brighter looking wood tones. 😅

Normally I live in a more neutral color pallet but I think spring is the best time to try and liven things up a bit after the dreary winter. Although I love winter and do not find it dreary in the least. 😂

As I try and redo some decorating in the house and changing things around to make it a smidge brighter, because my house is basically always in a shadow, I have really been paying attention to what feels the most comfortable to me and what works with the environment I live in, like no white. 🐶🐱🐔

Living. Loving. Decorating.

Emily A G🛋

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