St Patricks Day 2022 🍀

St Patricks Day has always been a strange holiday to me.

Some people celebrate it for religious reasons, some just need the reason to make obscene amounts of corned beef and cabbage and others just want to drink like an Irishman for the day.

For me it’s become a mixture of all three. I love the traditional Irish blessings and I take the time to pray them over those that I love, I am learning to enjoy corned beef and boiled cabbage, finally, and since I’m already Irish I drink like one everyday so its more just a reason to go out after dinner. 😉

If you remember all of my gardening updates I was planning on using my own cabbage for St. Patrick’s day but that didn’t work out fully as they are still babies in size. Oh well, I’ll use it later.

Till then, Happy St. Patrick’s Day and here is the blessing I found for all of you!

“May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten.”

Living. Loving. Celebrating.

Emily A G🍀

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