We’ve Been Eating A lot of Goat.

And I mean quite a bit of goat.

Back in February a neighbor gave us 3/4 of a processed goat that her and her family had gotten through 4H and decided they didn’t enjoy the taste it had.

Me being me, when she mentioned all of this at a party in January I raised my hand and said we’ll take it off your hands!

She warned me several times it was a lot of goat and I kept saying it’ll all be fine and I’ll find something to do with it. Honestly I had no plan what’s so ever. I forgot all about it actually until she messaged me one Sunday morning in February saying she was doing her freezer clean out and she could give it all to me today if I still wanted it.

“YES” I replied and suddenly realized I didn’t know where it would all go. Again, she warned me, it’s a lot of goat… “Okee dokee” I said casually. But when she arrived to the house that afternoon with 2 heavy duty laundry baskets in the back of her car my heart about jumped onto my throat.

Once we got it all inside 😅

So I started my recipe search that day and decided that I would only look at recipes from countries that ate goat on a regular basis.

So far- soooo gooood!

I’ve made so far Birria, Goat and Vegetable Soup, a Slow Roasted Lebanese Spice Goat Shoulder and Smoked Goat with our new Egg.

It’s been an awesome run so far and the Hubs has had zero complaints so I’m a happy wife and have been motivated to really do even more things.

Real quick before I go though, did you know goat meat is actually better for you then beef? It’s leaner! Who knew!

Living. Loving. Eating.

Emily A G 🐐

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