Peter Rabbit Garland Easter Craft

It’s been awhile since I’ve shown one of my quick crafts on here so I thought I’d show off this one.

It’s a very easy and quick one to do and I have fallen in love with it! Might be my new favorite Easter decoration.

It’s an easy purchase list:

  • Peter Rabbit Book (runs $5 on or any Easter themed story you like.)
  • Elmers School Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Beige Yarn
  • Cotton balls
  • Stencil for Rabbit cut out
  • Scissors

First things first, trace your rabbit outline in pages of the book that cover the outline in words of images. Also, odd numbers are your friend when working in design so I went for 7 to make sure it would span over our fire place mantel.

Ready to cut!

Next is the hardest part… you gotta cut the pages out 😖 and then glue cotton balls towards the base of the cut out. *Don’t use too much glue it’ll get that gross wet look on the paper. As well don’t put the cotton ball all the way at the base of the rabbit.

After the glue has dried punch a hole in each ear, centered and towards the very top.

Measure your fire place mantle or wherever you plan to have it set up, cut your string or twine to match your preference.

Lastly, string your twine through the holes and plot them! Hang up with clear tape for easy removal and bing bam boom! Ya done!

Now how simple and adorable is that?!

Hope you like this simple craft and if You have any questions or thoughts please share them in the comments!

Living. Loving. Crafting.

Emily A G🐰

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