Recent Project List 2022

You wouldn’t believe the amount we’ve been getting done.

The past few months have been getting dirty and building into and onto our property.

After basically binge watching Homestead Rescue with the Hubs back in February-March we have gotten the push we needed to get back to actual work.

The Hubs has been working on milling his own lumber pieces from chopped down trees from our canyon and another friends yard he went and helped fall for them.

Hubs harvesting lumber from wood we have gotten from neighbors.

We “created” a gate for our backyard finally so the chickens can have some more space to roam freely while we are out working back there. It was made by random scrap pieces we found around the property. Only thing purchased was the wheel!

Our new gate!
Totally homestead hacked together 😅 Yes. That’s balancing on a block of wood.

Back in January, during one of the Santa Ana wind events, our table got blown over. Sadly before leaving for my family visit I forgot to take the umbrella out of the table. So when we arrived home to a shattered table we’ve been stuck a bit on what to do next. And after looking up prices I knew that I was on the hunt for a new one for free from the canyons like the first set. 😅

Crushed table

But because no one seemed to giving a set up fast enough for me we decided to just fix the old one with a piece of cut plywood and then fixed the old frame around it!

New table! (During construction)
It’s been fun having the chickens roam around during our work time.
All finished!
We put a vinyl table cloth over it and through the metal brace to keep the wood safe and make it easy to clean. The hubs pulled the metal all together with a couple screws and a piece of wood.

Officially I have a new hose line up top! Before it was me hauling buckets up the hill to feed the plants but nowwww never again! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

My new hose!!

I started a small version of a greenhouse a couple weeks back in hopes that I could better protect my seedlings while I wait for an official greenhouse to be built and put together.

Again random things from the yard where used, an old outdoor plastic table, 2 old plastic pots, 2 random trellises I had around and an extra shade cloth I had from my chicken coop set up. It’s working like a charm!

In the “greenhouse” I have a lot going on from tomatoes, habaneros, okra, zucchini squash, pumpkins, cantaloupe, asparagus, loofah gourd, sunflowers and something else I can’t remember….

Up next… the new chicken coop! I’ll do a post on that and try to incorporate some free and simple plans. 👌🏻

Living. Loving. Working.

Emily A G

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