May/June Inspiration Post

It’s May and Spring has sprung and summer is on its way!

Which means, it’s time for another picture post of things that are motivating/inspiring me to get my butt moving.

I’m not exactly a beach person, even living in SoCal, but I enjoy going somewhat near it. Or driving past it with the windows down to just get the smell of the ocean.

We all know my color pallet is more neutral and dark but as I stated in April I have been trying to lighten things up around here, which has meant a lot of wiping the dust layer off of things and adding new colors to my gardens. (Garden update coming soon.)

Also I have been just moving things around in my house a lot. I watched all of the episodes of The Home Edit on Netflix and went a little crazy getting rid of things as well as just figuring out new homes for all of the things I could not “edit out”.

Living. Loving. Doing.

Emily A G🫶🏻

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