May/June 2022 Garden Update

Okay so the garden had a bunch of work done to it last month and seriously I couldn’t keep up with getting photos, or writing about on time to do my post.

So that’s why it’s a May/June update, because I started this post in May and it’s officially June 😅 whoops.

Foxgloves, are poisonous. I had no idea but I thought they looked beautiful so I bought some 😂 Now it’s a decision as to where I put it to keep all the critters safe.

Carrots! They are finally starting to work out for me! Here’s before my mini harvest and after. New thing learned, need deeper soil. ✔️

Salvia and new flower garden: I started this back in the winter and I think it’s officially done and ready to just fill in with the additions of salvia and violets. *Don’t mind the oak leaves, I need to clean them up again.

The Potatoes are still doing super well in their buckets and I’m just being as patient as I can be to harvest them at the right time.

Our Fruit Trees are doing splendid and I’ve come to realize I have too many lemon trees. Also, my Blood Orange tree died, it broke in the wind and then I broke it even worse. I don’t want to talk about it. ☹️

Brussels Sprouts look good I think. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Herbs, I don’t have a lot of herbs but the ones I do have grow in abundance.

Starters! They are all officially in the garden boxes! I pulled about 80 million carts of dirt up to the top garden and I’m all smiles about the results! I planted a sunflower stalk in each box to try and help with my aphid problem, along with some dill in another box. Apparently they don’t like the smell of the dill and are attracted to the sunflower so hopefully they keep off the produce this time.

Before they went into the ground.

Apple Trees, they are doing wonderfully! The Granny Smith has over 20 apples on it and the Fuji blossomed for the first time! Woot woo!

And oh good gravy I think that’s it! Till August!

Living. Loving. Growing.

Emily A G🪴

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