Been sickly-

But it wasn’t Covid, thank God.

I woke up on a normal Sunday morning with what I thought was my typical anxiety gags.

I know, not a pleasant thing to learn about me but sometimes my dreams are so rough that they stress me out in my sleep and I wake up in panic attacks which causes the dry heaves. They last sometimes for an hour or 2 but this Sunday they just kept getting worse.

After trying to take a nap to reset myself I ended up calling out of my dishwashing shift because they were not going away.

I laid in bed with a trash can and the iPad all day and it just wouldn’t stop.

Monday morning rolled around and wouldn’t you know it I couldn’t breathe. My sinuses where beyond stuffed and I knew my week was shot. I hate it when that happens.

Being down and unavailable to do things always worries me because I never know what’s going to happen that I suddenly need to fix. Like watering our gardens, cleaning out the chicken coop, laundry, and well everything else. Oh yeah, feeding the husband.

So this lasted till about… last Thursday, hence, no post last week because I just couldn’t get anything done.

And Friday when I woke up, the husband had his tickle in his throat! Ahhh!! So we did the sickly thing with him all the way to Wednesday, yesterday, and we have fire watch duties coming on Friday, tomorrow. Again, ahhhh!!

So for now we are getting ready for the holiday, fire watch patrols and this heat to FINALLY be over.

Till next week!

Living. Loving. Still coughing.

Emily A G😷


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