June Photo Update

And as this is posted I have returned to Instagram! So next photo dump will be an Instagram one again! (yay!)

June was a weird one I gotta say. As much as things got done it was also super slow. With the husband out of town for a whole week and then me being down and sick for another week you’d think we took the month off.

And in reality, we kinda did.

Once the chicken coop went in at the beginning of the month we basically called it on a lot of things. 1 because of distractions and busyness and 2 because it was hot, and I think we all know by now how I deal with heat.

Oh and this month most of my photos and videos are of chickens and a goat… not my goat but I want one more and more everyday.

Adding sunflower seeds to ice water bowls for your chickens is a good tip for these hot summer days to keep your chickens drinking water. #chickentips
Also, chickens love to destroy things. If you want your plants to be safe KEEP THEM AWAY FEOM YOUR FLOCK 🐣
God, one day I hope You give me a goat of my own to feed carrots to.

Living. Loving. Dumping.

Emily A G🐐

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