Chicken Update July 2022

I wanted to give a small update/things I’ve learned about our flock.

I learned about watering pellets to create a fun snack and save money on chicken feed.

In these small bowls it’s 1/2 cup of layer pellets with 2 TbSP crushed egg shells mixed with some water till it all dissolved into a mushy pile.

Always give a second bowl is key for our group.

I learned that it doesn’t matter how clean you try to keep your coop chickens will somehow poop on the walls.

But now let’s talk about the ladies… they are doing well. Bertha is no longer laying so either this month or next she’s going to be going into the freezer. I’ll miss her though. She’s got such an interesting way about her.

Summer is in full swing here and I got to figure out a better way for them to keep their water clean and useable because as I mentioned before, chickens are a mess.

Also, because it’s summer, the yellow jackets are out in full swing and pestering my ladies. I’m the coop, at their water feeders, around all of their usual hang out spots… it’s gotten out of hand and I believe my chickens would agree since it seems one has been hit a couple times by them.

So that’s my update… as of now I’m on the hunt for two more birds to even out our flock to a full 10. That’s ALL I want. 🤞🏻

Living. Loving. Feeding.

Emily A G 🐔

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