Working on BlogMas 2022

It’s official!

I’ve started working on my BlogMas content for this December… Already.

Being over half way to Christmas I figured I really needed to get a start on creating, prepping and writing for this year because it seems like every time I blink a month has gone by.

Me flipping through my planner… good gravy do I write out a lot of my thoughts in here.

Plotting out what posts for when, doing research for my new Top 8 buys, playing with fashion items and thinking about all of my Christmas decorations has been very distracting to my normal work flow.

Because I always forget as well as writing for my weekly blog posts I’m trying to also think a few months ahead to my big month of blogging.

I’m going to try mixing in some new types of posts this year as well as keep some of my usuals, like Loretta’s fashion show.

150 days left!

So in case I forget to let y’all know… the Granny Smith tree has 28 apples, the watermelon all died, Loretta is a happy girl, I’ve already started Christmas shopping, chickens have been really enjoying their time wandering the yard and the husband is getting projects started! Yay!

Now onto thinking about BlogMas again…

Or taking a nap.

Living. Loving. Writing.

Emily A G📝

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