July Instagram Recap

I’m back! And I’ve decided I’m not only going to post my Instagram posts but also my stories now! Because we all know there are a lot more stories going around then actual posts these days. I’ll figure out the reel thing later 😅

Btw this is going to be a much longer post then usual because of adding stories. I tried to remember to do it as often as I could promise!

Okay, also did we decide if I’m putting Loretta’s posts in here too or am I just doing photo dumps of her randomly?

This month has been adventure for sure. From loads of yard work, learning how to can fruit and breaking my front tooth falling at my local bar I think I’m ready for August to start.

Looking at the world through my pink sunglasses 😎
Just one egg short 😂
Living that chard life!
Ignore how weirdly I’m sitting.
Took 2 hours but I finally got all of my strips ironed for the new quilt… 🧶
Breakfast time!

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G📸

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