The Yellow Jackets

They have been really bad this year.

And I’m not sure if it’s because of the chickens or what but they are everywhere!

They swarm around the coop space like nobodies business and it freaks me out with Loretta and or guests when they come by to hang out at our back table. But also me. Those bites hurt.

Like a lot.

One day it even seemed they where biting the chickens! I couldn’t believe it! Poor Sweet Dee was flying around, jumping and squawking. The poor thing was so confused and was truly in pain it seemed. 😞

So I went on a mad hunt on Pinterest on how to get rid of these buggers in true DIY fashion. One thing I learned is Yellow Jackets AKA Meat Bees really love meat and can’t swim in dish soap. What I ended up doing was using my old bacon grease jars. I just added a little dish soap and left them in a sunny and populated spot in the yard. They came to the jars like crazy! Some got stuck but mostly because there was no top they could just escape.

After a few different attempts at making my own traps and then not being super affective I sought out a friend and she told me about these.

“RESCUE! Yellowjacket Trap”

Within minutes of hanging one the Yellow Jackets flocked to it like you wouldn’t believe! Yes, they are $5.00 each but worth it, lemme tell you. It’s been slightly over a week since I hung it and it is still filling and going strong. Already bought two more for when this one fills.

I would be so grateful and excited if we could finally have outdoor gatherings again. Now all I need is the heat to die down a bit. Everyone else in the 90’s too?

Living. Laughing. Melting.

Emily A G🥵

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