Purrty Mouth

Welp. If you didn’t know already from Instagram, back in July on a Sunday evening after being called off from work, I took a fall.

While running and playing with a small child at our local bar I slipped and smashed my face against the concrete.


I thought I was fine. Just had a hard hit till I tasted the blood and then found my husband and he said “Time to go” as people and bartenders started swarming to bring me ice packs and napkins. I kept saying “I’m fine! What is everyone freaking about!”

Then I saw my reflection in the car window.

“Oh Sh*t” was my only thought. My lip was so swollen and my face was banged up bad. But I thought it was just something I would walk off or put some stuff on the scratches and I’d be fine.

Then I tried to smile, and realized two of my front teeth got cracked….

After getting it cleaned up at home


Played with Snapchat filters to see if it helped me feel better 😅

The next day, Monday, I called the dentist and they got my in on Tuesday.

Here’s an X-ray of my mouth… can you see my other fake teeth?😂😅

Most the dentist could do for the chipped teeth was to put a temporary cap on it while we all anxiously awaited my new teeth to be formed. It took 14 days!!

Temporary cap for the chipped piece on Tuesday 7-19
Temporary caps put on all 6 that got taken down 7/26

Why have I waited till the end of August to talk about it?

Well it’s because my teeth are all officially back in! It took awhile because instead of only fixing the two broken ones they fixed the whole top row (6) to color match and make sure they all got put in properly and fit.

New teeth in 8/12

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Haha! Healing and replacing teeth. Oh and taking the month off drinking 😅

Living. Loving. Getting back up.

Emily A G😁

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