August Instagram Recap


August, August, August. What a long and terrifying quick month. I swear everyday felt like it dragged on but every time I woke up I felt like the days where flying by me.

Honestly I’m thankful I do these recaps because I don’t know if I’d remember what in the world happened this month. I even went to a Preseason NFL game! In LA! 🤯

Also, I’m going to start putting photos from my stories per day into galleries. I hope that helps organize these posts better.

And real quick, can everyone see the videos when I post them to the blog?

Where I’ll be all summer if you need me.
Just being the kind of adult I always dreamed of being… Slim Jim’s on hand, string cheese stocked and OJ by the gallon.
Here’s to Monday!
Always a good night @cookscornerbar
Gosh dang it do I love a good farmers market.
#farmersmarket #haul
It’s 5 o’clock homemakers-
So show us your kitchen table!
It’s happening…
BTW, I love orange watermelon 🍉

Living. Loving. Recapping. /sitting in my truck bed pool.

Emily A G 🥵

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