New Seed Starts

I thought I would be smart and get a jump on my seed starts before fall comes but I didn’t consider how little space I have in my kitchen and didn’t wasn’t expecting a 2 week long heat wave.

This time I thought smart and planted certain things a couple weeks apart from each other.

Back at the beginning of August I started around 1 which included: Rhubarb, Cilantro, Melon, a couple Pumpkins (because mine died earlier this season), 1/2 of my pepper starts and 1/2 of my cabbage starts.

Round 1 inside

I start them inside on my kitchen table first the first couple weeks and then I arranged some out shelves on the back of the house to keep them out of the super intense sunlight of the day.

Round 2, which I started the lastish week of August, consists of White Beans, Peas, another 6 Cabbage starts and 6 more Assorted Peppers. I say “assorted” because somehow all of the my pepper seeds, the habaneros, bell peppers and jalapeños, all got into the same bag and it’s a pure guessing game now. Whoops.

The White Beans and Peas are honestly doing the best. Our Cabbage is getting long and spindly which I’m unsure of how to fix now and our Cilantro is basically laying down because of how hot it’s been.

And I mean it’s been hot! Like the hundreds all last week and then this week again. I’m not happy about it. I’m hot and cranky.

But in some unexpected news, the White Beans and Peas are exploding inside right now and I’m not sure what to do with them next because they will soon outgrow my kitchen table.

Next up, lettuces… but I think I’ll hold off a little longer till this heat has officially calmed down.

Onto to the next thing.

Living. Loving. Growing. 🌱

Emily A G

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