Fire Watch Season

For the past few years now the Husband and I have been the coordinators of the local Fire Watch Patrols in our canyon area.

As I write this now, outside in our yard with ash from two other fires raining on me and listening to the helicopters flying low, I feel like I’ve talked about all of this before on here but I wanted to talk about more of the details.

Ash on our outdoor table.

Fire Watch Patrols are determined by humidity levels, Red Flag Warnings and Santa Ana wind events. With sometimes not so much notice, the Husband and I set up patrols with volunteers, that consist of 2 hour shifts driving around our canyons looking for spot fires or fire bugs. Shifts go all day and night long, usually into the wee hours of the morning.

The wee wee hours.

Me during a patrol. 2 AMish…

Because of our local Fire Watch patrols many of suspicious vehicles have been spooked, fires have been spotted and called in and once or twice a fire has been stomped out by a volunteer because of a local fire bug in the area.

To be honest the anxiety gets pretty bad for my during Fire Season and I’m thankful this year has been slightly chill for our area.

The freakiest video I’ve ever taken… #BondFire 2020

And now that I’ve written this post I’ve been reminded to clean out my down stairs closet so I can even get to our evacuation bags just in case.

To work I go cleaning and organizing all of that.

Living. Loving. Prepping.

Emily A G🔥

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