September Instagram Recap

Well I blinked and September was gone.

Between heat waves, fires, tropical storms, everyone’s birthdays (and I mean everyone!) and then back to some more heat waves I feel like I lost track of what the heck was going on.

September, and this one for sure, is actually one of those months now that I’m thankful I make these posts or else I might have no idea what happened 😅

Oh yeah didn’t I get new teeth this month or was that last…?

I’m always so thankful for the rain during fire season!! 🙌🏻
Happy First Day of Fall!
“It’s okay to be ordinary.”
#homemakerquotes #falldecor #fall
Welcome to the family Mr Conway!
Welcome to the family Mr Conway! 🐶
You’ve already been producing lots of laughs, smiles, lack of sleep, paper towel usage and incredible amounts of kisses!
Can’t wait to see who you become!
You can go ahead and bloom whenever you feel like it.🌸

Alrighty now. Off to October! Another big birthday month.

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G📸

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