Welcome to the Family Mr. Conway 🐶

Welp. We got a puppy! When I was least expecting it too! The Hubs has been promising me a puppy for years and the perfect boy just never showed up.

Till now.

Born in Novemberish of 2021, he was found in what has been called a “bum box” in an area of Southern California. The box had a whole liter of mixed breeds and one of our dear friends took on the challenge of finding them all the perfect home!

On our way to the pet store for supplies!

After finding a home for all of them, one family realized the boy they got was turning out to be more then they bargained for. So they reached back out to our friend and she reached out to the Hubs and I and after 3 days of debating and praying about it we both came to a anxiously excited and nervous YES!

Conway, previously Diesel, was kept outside for most of his life so far so we hav been working on potty training, crate training and just all around trying. And oye. Crate training is hard and doesn’t allow for much focused sleep time. The crying… the howling… oh the howling!

He’s come out a few time with us to start the “we like people process” and so far that has been very helpful! Even brought him out to the bar with us!

Conway at Cook’s

When he starts howling that starts Loretta and then we have both of them singing into the late hours of the night. So we have been taking turns sleeping on the couch.

So here’s your official welcome post Conway! You are truly a part of the family now!

Living. Loving. Cleaning.

Emily A G🧽💩

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