October Instagram Recap

Welcome to the Husband’s Birthday Month/ Instagram Recap Post. And oh my goodness what a month! From Alan Jackson on the first to Halloween on the last and The Husbands birthday celebrations in between it’s been a wild one!

And by the way, our chores are piling up 😂


Country fair days have begun in Silverado!
Time to party like it’s 1892!
#countryfair #silverado #canyonlife
I love a good cloudy night @cookscornerbar
Impromptu Apple harvest while letting the dogs out.
#canyonlife #grannysmithapples #appleseason
First attempt at homemade graham crackers.
Things to remember:
Cut all the way through before baking. Apparently I didn’t do that.
Don’t take a nap during the cooling time, it will make the bottom not fully dry out.
And lastly, definitely need to be better about squaring off the corners when rolling. 😅
#grahamcrackers #homemade #doitforthegraham
Chickens are out.
And happy about it- not that this face expresses that 😅
#chickensofinstagram #chickens

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G 📸

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