The Cost of Feeding Chickens

I know, sounds like an ominous title but really I’m just telling y’all what I feed our 8 birds and how much it costs to do it.

And how! Because I’ve worked out a kind of system for our lives that is working great right now.

So the best thing I’ve figured out is using and setting up the Autoship option so I can get everything just when I need it and skip things when I don’t. (Like those 4 weeks I didn’t give the chickens any block treats because I was pulling weeds for them instead.)

When I mix the 2 different feeds in the container I also add an Italian herb blend about 3 TBSP and Chili Flakes 2 TBSP and mix everything together.

I give them the treat squares maybe once every two weeks when I know we are busy and I won’t have time or be around to give them their other goodies.

I also feed them a lot of our scrap food. Making goat is a fatty meat so I’ll take the chunks off with the bone and will cook them up separately to give to the girls as some extra protein and they love it.

I’ll also save all of my egg shells and when I have a big enough pile going I’ll crush them and add some to the scrap bowl for them.

So that’s what I do and how I keep the cost at a minimum for our family flock. And that’s that.

Living. Loving. Feeding.

Emily A G🐔

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