BlogMas Day 4 Top 8 Gifts for Men

This year I’ve done something a little different then my normal gift guide and decided to more or less go all over the map for gifts this year. So here’s my top 8 for men!

1. Do you have a crafty guy in your life like I do? This is a gift I got for the Hubs a couple years ago and he loved it! Not only does he get a super cool handmade pipe out of it but also the credit belongs to him.

2. In my heart of hearts I know not all men need another jacket for their closets but I can’t help myself with this one. Keeps you warm, dry and comfortable all rainy day long and around here when it rains it really comes down. (Or it says its raining and nothing actually happens 😅)

3. The Hubs has been really enjoying his Green Egg since getting it last Christmas and if you have a griller as messy as I do I think you’ll be looking into getting the Grilling Linen Bundle like I am.

4. I know it says this item is fore groomsmen but I truly believe there are tons of men who would very much enjoy a bow tie and suspender set of their very own. Not one they have to return with the rented suit or tux but one of their own style.

5. At our house we are big on the outdoor hangout session even if it’s cold out so this gift is the perfect thing to always keep the party going and making sure everyone stays warm in the process.

6. Got a shorter Husband like I do? Then you’ll loveeeeee Untuck it. The Hubs hates tucking in his shirt and has always had trouble finding shirts that fit at the length that he would feel comfortable wearing button down shirts out. But these shirts have been a heaven sent for us!

7. We have been having trouble finding a long lasting solution for organizing our truck so when I saw this I felt hopeful that this may be it. So far it’s working wonderfully and the Carhartt quality makes it perfect for our rough a dirty truck life.

8. And to end on a cheaper note, we all laugh at the idea of socks for Christmas but these Smartwool Socks are incredibly warm and super comfy!

Living. Loving. Gifting.

Emily A G 🎁

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