BlogMas Day 5 Top 8 Gifts for Women

Happy BlogMas day 5!

My goodness can you believe there’s only 20 left till Christmas?!

So here’s my gift guide for women so you can hurry up and buy all of it like I possibly did. 😬

1. As soon as I saw this jacket I flipped and I feel every single woman I know should own one. Especially me. That’s why I know, I bought mine for myself. 😬

2. A quick and easy gift to grab for a friend or coworker is my favorite throw from Pioneer Woman. The blanket is so comfy and comes in some amazing prints that can really fit anyones style.

3. I don’t know about you but it seems all of my girl friends are in love with geodes. I mean I love them too, they are just too pretty to stare at. So this item gives them a beautiful geode piece as well as helps them with their other favorite thing….wine.

4. I know since COVID and the lockdowns everyone I know has been making bread. I have loved baking bread for years now b ut this bundle has my heart skipping beats and I’m sure others will swoon too!

5. And speaking of baking, I don’t know about you but I could always use a second kitchen aid bowl for my stand mixer.

6. Sounds crazy probably but I haven’t had a bath robe in years and the Hubs and I have always talked about finding matching ones but nothing is comfy enough for us. Everything is either too comfy or too towely. We are defiantly struggling with the 3 bears scenario we are in but things are looking up since I’ve spotted these unisex robes.

7. Finding a good pair of rain boots that actually fit right has been a huge problem for the people in my family, so when I found Joules one random day during a shopping craze I fell completely in love and now I own several pairs of these babies in fun patterns. They make puddle stomping a happier experience as well as just working in the rain.|GLDBEE|3

8. IF you’re like me then Farm House decor is your style. And we can all use just one more wall decor piece that’s says thankful or blessed on it.

Living. Loving. Shopping.

Emily A G🛍

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