BlogMas Day 6 Top 8 Gifts for the Dogs

This year in the theme of not sticking not Etsy I have found some new fun Top 8’s for the Pets.

And whoops a daisy I may have gone over board. 😅

1, is the “For You and Your Furry Friend” Gift Box from Temecula Olive Oil. This is a git for you and your pup, which of course is why I love it.

2, is this beautiful bed. I’m a huge fan of it in the red but my goodness I love the black as well.

3, is something I believe every dog owner should have. It’s an emergency Doggie Med Kit for when out on the road. Perfect to have in your car during long car trips, camping, or any traveling.

4, is for all of us football fans out there! Chewy has a fun personalized NFL shirt for your puppies and possibly kitties too!

5, is a new favorite sweater alert! It’s so cute I already have one wrapped and under the tree for Loretta!

6, I found recently while searching around for this post and I have decided I need to get one for our dog ASAP. Maybe it’ll be on her Christmas list for this year.

7, is a family favorite to have on standby in both vehicles because its durable, and helps out when you are on the road.

8, is a must for once once I found it. Since the husband has his Carhartt and I have mine its only fair that the dog gets hers.—brown/2000372811.html?dwvar_2000372811_color=200#start=97

Living. Loving. Spoiling.

Emily A G🐶

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