BlogMas Day 7 Top 8 Gift for The Children

I know I know. I don’t have children but I do have family with children and all of my friends basically have children so I always have a mind for presents for all the little monsters. And yes one day I do plan to have children. SO don’t ask again.

1. I’m in love with this mini backpack and I’m searching for a child to get it for. Someone just point me in the right direction! I can’t help it it’s just that cute!

2. If you have a family like the one I’m planning then you probably love the thought of matching overalls too. And these ones will last them for awhile!

3. When someone used to tell me “You blah blah like a girl” I always thought that meant something negative. I’m so glad that the stigma of being a girl is finally wearing off. Because let’s be honest here. We rock. 🤟🏻

4. Since I can’t see the practicality of using this handbag as an adult my mind immediately saw a child wearing them around to hold their tiny items. I mean come on… French Toast?

5. Gifts that can be used or consumed are my favorite to give and I also love giving gifts that means you got to do something with it. That’s why these personalized crayons are so neat!

6. Okay, but tell me, why do I want this? Hahah! I can’t help myself when it comes to growing things I guess.

7. Last year I got this book as a Christmas gift and I am just waiting to read it to our child one day when they arrive. Until then I think everyone should own a copy and I’ll keep bothering my friends kids.

8. A few years ago I bought this book for my God son because when I had a chance to read it I thought, “My goodness, I know a few adults who need this book.” But as a children’s book it’s wonderful ad a fun read.

Living. Loving. Daydreaming.

Emily A G👼🏻

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