BlogMas Day 8 December Garden Update

The garden has been doing something amazing lately… and when I say amazing I mean things are actually growing happily!

Peas, I only have one variety going at the moment, well I mean one plant even! This is the only one that survived during seeding so I’m excited to see it’s already got 2 blossoms on it and seems to be growing upward.

Cabbage, I’ve got 6 heads going right now and all of them seem to be doing well.

Tomato come back, I have no idea how these things are still going. For one how cold it’s been and the other was how they got attacked badly during the summer by those annoying hornworms. Now they are back and getting huge again!

Strawberries, umm I’m seriously surprised by these gals. Who else has strawberries growing outdoors in December?!

Beans, this is my first year growing beans and so far so good! I’ve done two different kinds and to be honest, I forgot what they are. 😅 Here’s to finding out!

Broccoli, I started only a couple seeds of broccoli so I’m happy to see they are all growing and looking wonderful!

Radish, I’ve only ever grown this once before and I’m very excited they seem to be doing much better this time around.

Rainbow Chard, I got this plant 2 years ago and it stayed mini for a long time. Finally I got the thought to move it into some better light and voilà! It’s gotten huge!

Living. Loving. Growing.

Emily A G🌱


    1. I have no idea how it’s still going! 😅 just had a big batch of freezing rain hit our way last night so now I gotta go check everything and make sure I don’t have to do an “I spoke too soon update” 😂

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