BlogMas Day 10- Christmas Shop Small Spotlight

As much as I love supporting local artists by buying all of their products on my own, I wanted to share my love and show one shop I have been loving all year!

@wicked_one_creations is a local artist who makes the most beautiful wreathes for the holidays and seasonal changes, candles, sage sticks, crystals and hand drawn acrylic paintings.

Leila, the creator, is a sweet and incredibly talented young lady that I had the wonderful happen chance of meeting at our local watering hole. After a few times of connecting I finally found out about her business and now she’s my best friend. Whether she likes it or not 😉

Definitely got check her out on Instagram and take a scroll through her photos! I swear you’ll be ready for more candles and new door hangers quickly!

Her pieces are to die for and seriously I cannot stop gushing! (Hence why I spotlighting her!)

DM her to find out about all options available and learn all about her custom pieces! Also, she’ll ship! 😄

Living. Loving. Shopping.

Emily A G 🕯️

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