Blogmas Day 12- Favorite Christmas Decor

My favorite piece of Christmas decor is my Grandmother’s Christmas village. Getting to take on what I thought was just a super awesome piece my Grandmother had and then come to find out she made it herself back in the late 80’s early 90’s! I love it even more!

When my mom finally offered it to me I felt myself leap with joy on the inside! I think I might of even yelped out a YES!

This is where it sits beautifully on our fake fire place all winter long.

Oh and of course somehow I have started collecting new pieces from other sets 😂 Like i don’t know where that guy and the snow man came from. Or the couple walking…

I’m so thankful I finally get to keep this piece of her life in our home!

Living. Loving. Remembering.

Emily A G✨


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