BlogMas Day 13- What is Hygge Christmas

Okay. So I mentioned Hygge Christmas in an earlier post. (BlogMas Day 9- My Inspiration this Christmas)

So what is a Hygge Christmas? Hygge is all about comfort.

Candles and twinkle lights that look like stars is number 1! Keeping the lights natural and low is key to maintaining the atmosphere.

2 is nature and bringing the outside in. I always love bringing in extra flowers and of course now I have 3 Christmas Trees in the house 😅

Number 3 is all about comfort and adding extra. Chunky blankets, warm socks, and adding some extra pillows to your snuggle environment is the best way to get comfy in my opinion.

4 is baking. I love baking already but giving myself an extra reason to bake some more cookies and breads gives me happy thoughts for sure.

So all in all it’s keeping the holiday season cozy and simplistic. As much as I love they hype of Christmas and all of the glitter, I love the tone of keeping Christmas more natural in colors and in vibe. Helps with balancing the crazy from everyone else 😉

Living. Loving. Vibing.

Emily A G❄️

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