BlogMas Day 15- Winter Outfits

Normally I put all of my winter clothes into the drawers under my bed to store them during the hot months. (Most of the months…)

But once Fall hits I start itching to break out the favorite stuff.

This year we’ve had a lot more rain then usual for this time of year and I’ve been thrilled! Not as much for the puppies and what I’m hearing from almost everyone else in Southern California… “it’s too cold! When will this rain end!?” Literally… it was less then two days in a row 😅 But I can give them that it has been abnormally cold lately.

During the holidays and our crazy Southern Californian winters, the weather fluctuates wildly so not everything “looks” winter appropriate but believe me, it is.

Okay. So I’m only going to name the main pieces of things because some I cannot remember or are no longer sold and where purchased from PoshMark, where I buy and sell clothes.

Madewell Dress and Double Layer Necklace
Shyanne Booties are the only thing I can name because the shirt came from a boutique and the skirt is of my own creation.
Sadie & Sage Sweater and PINK Cozy Leggings
Shyanne Sweater and Bootcut Jeans with Rose Gold Pocket detail.
Skims Long Sleeve Shirt, Good American High Waisted Shorts and Classic Clog Birkenstocks.
Lucky Brand “Stevie” High Waisted Cord Pants
Madewell Sweater with Sadie & Sage Overall Dress

Here’s all the jackets I’ll be wearing this season, from my lighter ones to the heaviest and toughest!

So that’s the basis of my winter wardrobe! I know it doesn’t seem like much but I’m sure you don’t want a photo of every piece of clothing I might wear over the next 2 months or so! 😂

Living. Loving. Changing.

Emily A G👗

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