BlogMas Day 16- Christmas Craft: Yule Log

The Yule Log is something I only learned about last year during our first time working the Christmas in the Canyons event.

Even more then learning about them we sold them to kids and families for $5. They would make them at the table and we would just hold onto them while they finished up shopping around at the event.

The Yule Log, as I’ve been told, is a tradition all over Europe and every area does theirs somewhat different.

The tale that I heard and have been going off of is a German one where you burn the log in your fireplace on Christmas Day and once it’s burned you save a pouch to burn with your log the next year.

So here’s what you need to make a Yule Log:

  • A wood log
  • Yard clipping like, pine needles and cones, holly berries, eucalyptus leaves and ferns
  • Melted wax
  • Tin foil

The process of making a Yule log is incredibly simple. First you lay down your tin foil so it’s big enough to catch any extra dropped wax from your log. Put the log down in the foil and crimp the edges of the foil up to create a bowl kinda deal. Second, lay out all of your yard things in a design you like. Once everything is placed ladle on the melted wax as a type of glue to hold all over your yard pieces onto the wood. And lastly you just let it dry until you’re ready to burn it! Or use it as a center piece or hostess gift during the holidays.

This is an example of one a child did at the event. See how they used the white wax to hot the leaves down to the wood?

There you have it! Easy peasy! And the longest part about this craft is melting the wax and finding all of the decor pieces.

PLEASE BE ADVISED if you are planning to burn your Yule Log please use only items on your log that can be burned safely in your fire place.

Living. Loving. Burning.

Emily A G🔥

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