BlogMas Day 17- My Love for Winter

And yes, it’s a true love for Winter.

For one, I would rather be clothed fully all the time and Southern California is the land of bathing suits, short shorts and fancy flip flops.

I would say I’m more of a crewneck sweater and boots kinda gal and will enjoy any opportunity to not shave my legs for a minute. 😂

Winter has always held something special for me though, it being my birthday season and all, I can never word correctly how it feels inside me to finally be cold enough to see my breathe just stepping outside to let the dogs out.

Oh yeah and can we talk about the presents? The sheer amount that comes my way during the Winter is amazing! From Christmas to my Birthday and then Valentine’s Day and Our Wedding Anniversary… it’s lovely.

**BTW my love language is Giving and Receiving Gifts. Do you know yours? You can check it out Here

Alrighty. Only a few days till it’s officially here! 21st btw… Gotta finishing writing these BlogMas posts up!

Living. Loving. Freezing.

Emily A G🥶

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