BlogMas Day 18- Winter Prep

Sadly in our Canyon we don’t get much snow, like none at all, during our winter. Sometimes we will get a slight dusting and as much as that fills my heart with all of the joy, it doesn’t stick around long.

Last time it snowedish. March 2021

But what we do get is rain and then cold nights that turn our yard puddles into ice spots.

Mostly with our micro homestead and how it’s set up that can get very messy. Especially with all of our beautiful California weather approved outdoor furniture. Because as you know Southern California is known for its warm weather we are normally living out in the yard all Spring, Summer and Fall. (And Winter weather permitting.)

So when I start to see rain coming in the forecast I go into tarp mode and start covering things as much as I can to keep them clean and dry the best I can. We used to use the old RV in the yard as a storage spot for when the rains came but now that the windows are all out and the roof leaks it’s no longer helpful and just an eye sore.

Covering up our outdoor cushions as much as possible. (This time was in a hurry because the rain came quickly and intensely.)

That also goes for the chicken coop and their supplies.

So here we go! Off into Winter and I think I still have some wood piles I forgot to cover…😬

Living. Loving. Drying.

Emily A G🌦️

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