BlogMas Day 20- Winter with the Chickens

Luckily we don’t have snow like I’ve mentioned before so we don’t need a large indoor space for our birds to roam.

At most they have rain to deal with but we have worked out some covered options for them.

Today we officially add some extra light into their day giving them 2 extra hours in the morning. Last week was the first week we got zero eggs from our girls and the second week I’ve had to buy eggs for our home, and let me tell you I’m not of fan of having to do that.

Store bought eggs are so different to my taste buds even now that I know the difference. Even the coloring seems off which gives me the heebie jeebies now.

Since it’s not officially winter till tomorrow I figured I could wait till today to get the light put up in their coop space.

One of the places the chickens use to stay dry is to hang out in the dog house.

If you saw my post about Winter Prep you will know I did some shanagains to add an extra layer of roofing on the chicken coop to give them a little extra space to wander in the dryness. I will be thinking to make it a more permanent piece in there but that’s going to have to wait till after the holidays. Thankfully it’s not calling for rain but only sunny skies and warmer temps.

Again this was a temporary fix when the rains came suddenly just earlier this month. More will be done come January when I can let them roam so I have more room to work.

So basically that’s all that I do for them at this moment but more is coming and I’ll talk about it during my January posts.

Living. Loving. Chickening…. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Emily A G🌧️

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