BlogMas Day 22- Not Exactly Christmas but-

It’s about the blog so I’m rolling with it today.

This week I have been writing out BlogMas days as well as setting up post plans for the coming year.

To be honest I seem to always forget that as soon as Christmas is over it’s basically only 7 days till the next year and I’m almost always behind on writing when it comes to my birthday anyhow.

So now it’s 9:47 PM and I’m trying to get some thoughts out so we’ll have a post for the morning.

Everyone knows as the holidays approach the rush and push gets pushier and a bit more rushed. Sooooooo let’s just say I’m behind and I’m hopeful today, tomorrow or whatever day it is I get myself back up to speed. Although my eyes are heavy and I’m barely thinking I’m going to get this post done….

Living. Loving. Rushing.

Emily A G🤭

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