BlogMas Day 23- Neighbor Gifts

Okay real quick is everyone’s email boxes like FULL? Like seriously, oh my goodness, this is too many emails. Why do some stores send literally 5 a day come this time of year? Yes, I’m taking to you Kohls and Home Depot…

Okay but for the real reason for this post.

Our Neighborhood Gifts this year, which are S’mores boxes! YAY!

This year I finally did what I have been wanting to do for awhile and I think they turned out pretty well for this year! I’m hopeful that this will just be our gift from now on and I just get better and better at making the pieces.

All of the pieces for this gift are pretty basic but time consuming to make.

I’ve been practicing Graham Crackers for only a couple months now and have only made one attempt at Marshmallows before so it was a messy experiment that I think worked out pretty well.

Especially since I bought all the mini chocolate bars right after Halloween so I didn’t have to deal with the holiday price hike! 😅

One day I might be even into melting and molding our own chocolate bars… or flavoring the marshmallows…

Omg I might crazy…🫢

Honestly, I have been dreaming of starting this as our Neighborhood Gift for awhile. Having the last name Graham has totally done something silly to me where I have basically themed our life around it. If you remember we even have property I have named Graham Cracker Ranch, the GCR for short. So it’s just seemed like the right gift to do for people in theme with my life.

And this year I’m very thankful to be able to start the tradition!

I’m hopeful everyone will love them! Next year I’ll have to figure out how to make them a bit more organized.

Oh! And recipes for both coming soon, once I’ve officially mastered them

Living. Loving. Gifting.

Emily A G🎁

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