BlogMas Day 24- Our Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve is spent usually mellowly.

I wake up early and put on a pot of coffee while I wait for the Hubs to get up.

Once he’s alive and settled we open our stockings to each other and we have a new addition this year with adding in Conways stocking!

After stockings we usually sit ourselves down for a movie and some basic hangout time. Most likely won’t shower till about noon. We shall see.

After shower I start demanding food and since the holiday falls on the weekend it’s officially his job to feed me. (Because that’s his job on the weekends, it’s my job to feed him every other day.) So what’s for lunch you ask? I have no clue. But normally for dinner it’s ungodly amounts of Chinese take out.

I Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and are being safe. Hit me up in the comments of you wanna chat. I’ll be around 👍🏻

Living. Loving. Relaxing.

Emily A G🎄

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