December Instagram Recap and Happy New Year! 🎆

This month felt like it went on and on as well as blew past! And I think that’s mostly because of all of the presents under the tree just sitting and waiting.

Just sitting there… waiting…

But once the 26th arrived the days felt long and rainy. Legitimately rainy. It was basically 80 degrees on Christmas Day and then as soon as the holiday ended we went right back into rain and cold weather. It was bananas!

Now we are into the new year and that means it’s time for this years lists are getting started.

Pray for us 😂

@cookscornerbar nights 🌔⭐️🍻
Lighting is so incredible today in the canyon 🌦️
#canyon #modjeskacanyon #rainymornings

Christmas in the Canyons!

S’wonderful… S’marvelous…
#chickensnack #chickentv #chickensofinstagram

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G🎆

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