January 2023 Garden Update

With all this rain some plants have been happy living their best lives and some are seemingly upset with me. We’ll probably not upset at me but that’s how I’m taking it.

Also with this rain has come tons of weeds, which soon I’ll have to pick, won’t I…

Peas are doing wonderfully and the hardest part about growing them is only one seems to be ready at a time so they have become my garden snack.

White Beans are moving very slowly and it seems they haven’t gotten much bigger since the weather got cold. I have about 6 of these plants going and I say about is because I think one is dying 😞

Multi colored Carrots are a rockin it and I really got to get into the beds and start thinning them out. I always feel bad doing it though. So many pretty carrots that don’t even get to try and grow.

Broccoli I sowed a few weeks apart to get hopefully a longer harvest.

Cabbage is about 4 heads going right now. When I started them from seed bugs got in and this was I could save.

The Tomatoes are still going? I honestly have no idea what’s going on with them. They have just gotten bigger and bushier but no tomatoes 🤷🏻‍♀️

Our Fruit Treesare basically dormant right now so there’s not much to show photos of unless you like sticks… only the lemons are still green but they still haven’t gotten any fruit.

Blueberry Bushes are my new favorite plants in the world! The flowers are so pretty and I’m honestly impatient for the fruit. Last time I got blueberries I only got one bush and it struggled along for awhile. These two however seem to be happy and growing wonderfully!

Lettuces is a mix bag 😅 haha get it? Okay anyhow, I bought this pack of 6 mixed lettuces a few weeks ago and I have to say I’m impressed with how well it’s doing and I gotta figure out where I’m going to put them because my boxes are full.

Speaking of full boxes, I got more Strawberries because Conway decided to destroy the babies I had growing in the front yard so now I got to figure out where to put them in the back…

Rainbow Chard has officially gone crazy! And now I gotta figure out what to do with it when I harvest it this weekend.

Next month there will be more work in the rose garden. Right now it’s a mess because the Husband got the idea to fix the rock wall around them right before a rain storm soooo it’s a mess over there.

So that’s the update for now! I’ll hopefully have more to report come March!

Living. Loving. Growing.

Emily A G🥦

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