We Lost a Chicken

This by far is not the happiest post I’ve ever written…

We lost a chicken. And it looks like to heart attack.

Tuesday morning while outside my favorite chicken babe, started convulsing in the dog house I keep in their coop space and passed away in front of my eyes.

Two other chickens freaked at the movement and then started trying to go after her which only made matters feel much worse. And while the others squawked for my attention I just stood there in complete and utter shock and horror.

Babe was my favorite chicken. She always made me laugh and smile with her silliness.

Babe when we first got her from a neighbor.

I named her Babe because back when we first got her she followed me around like a super needy girlfriend, in my opinion. Always under foot, always trying to see and be exactly where I was. She loves jumping up into my lap or on my legs as I was doing stuff in the yard and was always the first to notice if I had snacks and treats.

She would come running and it always brought smiles and laughter to the Hubs and I.

With the Bird Flu running a muck and not being exactly sure what happened, we gave her a proper burial in the yard in one of her favorite spots by my swing. (Always the best worms over there.)

Her burial marker in the yard.

In closing, I’ve been a pretty sad lady this week and trying to come to terms with the fact sometimes we won’t get to harvest our lovely ladies for their intended end purpose but they will just go sadly on their own.

People in our canyon, and everywhere, have been going through the battle of loosing chickens for a long time weather to viruses, attacks or just old age. Now officially, it’s gotten to us too. And I’m not a fan.

Living. Loving. Loosing.

Emily A G🪦

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