January 2023 The Never Ending Rain

So it’s been basically rainy/raining since the middle of December until the last week and a half of January.

Although Christmas weekend it was 80 degrees and sunny. Not my favorite way to celebrate the holiday. I always want it somewhat cold for Christmas.

January 5th we had a pretty large rainstorm that really started off the bang for us here in California. SoCal didn’t get as hard as NorCal but it felt like a freaky amount of water for our first large storm.

In the chicken coop area trying to figure out what to do!

January 10th we had another big one which seems to have caused some slippage at the neighbors house and all of us are prepping and preparing for the boulders to start loosening from the hillside.

View from the garage.

The 14th and 15th of January it poured and poured so much the amount of mud really started moving and in the canyon over they had some pretty massive rock slides with thankfully zero damage done to residents.

All in all this rain season has been pretty great for us and the mountains are getting some awesome snow pack from the articles I’ve been reading so that helps majorly with our drought issues.

Our canyon creek

Back to possible rain next week and I’m thankful because these winds have been drying me out horribly! But I really need to get somethings done…

Living. Loving. Soaking.

Emily A G. ☔️

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