Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

One of my favorite holidays to be fair. And honestly why I was totally fine having our wedding anniversary just 4 days after. Well that and the cheaper flowers. 😬

This year we have decided to do a dinner out to one of our new favorite restaurants in the area called “Whitestone Restaurant & Bar”.

The menus their chef comes up with for special events and holidays is truly incredible.

This year our wedding anniversary is on a Saturday so we decided to do our big fancy dinner out for our combo holiday on the holiday that landed on the weekday.

And with it being our 6 year wedding anniversary we have both been really planning the “iron” gift. That has honestly taken a great deal of focus for me. My brain has been feeling completely stumped and I really have a love for finding the right gift for people.

Maybe I’ll let you know in next weeks post how his gifts worked out. 😬

I truly hope everyone is feeling the love today and is taking the time to show someone they love a little extra kindness! It’s so needed in this world lately.

Living. Laughing. Loving.

Emily A G❤️

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