I’m at a Loss These Days…

On what to even post about.

On what I’m doing these days when it comes to this site.

This blog has gone through many adjustments because my life has changed so much since I’ve started writing on it.

And right now I think I’m going through another adjustment period.

With Spring on its way, and rather quickly I might add, and us actually getting some time to take off for a moment the pressure seems to be on for the next couple months to get everything done in time.

My menus for our meals have been also pretty boring lately because I’m just going through the motions in that department trying to keep up with everything else that is piled around me.

From inside the house to outside I have a chores list that doesn’t seem to be letting up but only getting longer with each passing day and writing on here has surely been taking the brunt of my neglect.

I’m sorry 🫤

The whole month of April I will be taking a break from writing to get ourselves and the home ready for our trip to Ireland and we are honestly so excited. This will be our first vacation in over 4 years… like something longer than a holiday weekend.

So bare with me for a bit while I sort these things out and try to get my brain in order.

It’s been a wild winter…

Living. Loving. Rethinking.

Emily A G🧐

PS sorry for posting this late 😅 been one of those weeks getting ready for the winter storm happening this weekend and next week. Cross your fingers 🤞🏻 we might even get snow!!

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