Happy St Patrick’s Day🍀2023

And I already have my outfit planned…

I know it’s technically the holiday is tomorrow but I can’t help myself I’m just so excited!

Last year The Hubs brought me down to our local bar at 2 pm and I started celebrating like a good Irish girl. 😁🍻🍀

So much so that I didn’t notice someone snapping a photo of me eating a huge bacon burger…

Thankfully The Hubs is in the photo as well 😂

Look at that neck muscle action right there…

But other than drinking tomorrow, I’ll also be praying for the snakes to all be ridden from our lives. (Even though I know that’s just a legend.) The past few years have been feeling crazy for all of us, I think, in one way or another and I pray we can all have some peace.

Annnndddd have a drink in the name of Saint Patrick. 🍀⛅️😉

Living. Loving. Celebrating.

Emily A G 🍀

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