No Posts in April

Because it’s going to be a crazy month.

We leave for Ireland in a few weeks and up till then it will be work work work around the property trying to get the yard, gardens and inside the house ready for our family when they come out to house sit for us.

And with this rain in SoCal, that has been never ending by the way, I feel like I’m in an even madder rush to get everything ready.

Leaving during Spring is somewhat difficult for me but for sure not as troublesome of leaving in Fall, during fire season. Spring always means a little bit of all of the weather but again, with this years never ending rain everything in our yard has become mush.

It’s also incredibly difficult to keep our tiny house clean when the dogs run around in the mud and then into the house. Oh and our laundry is outside sooooo that’s complicates things sometimes.

*This is also my reminder to wash all the blankets in the house 😬

So I’ll talk to all of you in May and do a pretty big post about my first time out of the country!!

Living. Loving. Packing.

Emily A G🛫

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