April Fools! March 2023 Instagram Recap

Hahaha sorry. I forgot about my Instagram recap post of this is my only post for April 😅

March was an interesting month to say the least with lots of transitions. From snow on day 1 to more rains and wind and a trip to Anza that brought me 90 degree weather 🫠 And that was just half way through…

Time for Ireland…. Get ready there will be ALOT of photos. 😬

Top 5 chores I don’t do when it’s raining:
Vacuum 🧹
Clean dog poop🐶
Laundry 🧺
Mop floors🪣
Water the yard/gardens🌱
Because it’s a waste of time. All of it. And usually feels like I’m just making a bigger mess 😂
So till tomorrow…? 🌦️☀️
#chores #rainydays #socal #rainydayvibes #choreslist #microhomestead #californiapoppies #socalrain #raindelay
Who else is getting ready? ☀️🌱
#springtime #spring #seedstarters #seeds #growingfood

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G📸

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